Managed Backup Services

Managed Backup Services by Valence5Every organization has a need for backup and recovery services. Any organization that does not possess a solid disaster recovery plan when disaster hits may never fully recuperate, and in some cases they may even go out of business. Many organizations do not have a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in place due to infrastructure, lack of funding and IT resources, or a number of other mitigating factors. Valence5 can help in this situation.

Partnered with Symantec and Commvault, we can design a robust backup solution that automatically backs up to the cloud. Using the cloud eliminates the need to purchase and maintain backup hardware. Ultimately, organizations will have the peace of mind knowing data is securely backed up and stored offsite.

In the event that the data is ever needed, it’s easily recoverable and restored with a few simple steps. Valence5 offers managed backup services. We will monitor and maintain your backup environment, thus freeing up IT personnel to focus on other pressing issues.

Managed Backup services mean Valence5 monitors and maintains your backup environment thus freeing up IT personnel to focus on other pressing issues.

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