Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services by Valence5Data needs to be preserved when switching to a new version of an application or when upgrading to a new version of a database. Oftentimes after a merger or acquisition, redundant applications are retired, but the data they contain needs to be preserved in the surviving system. The purpose of data migration is to transfer existing data to the new environment. Data needs to be transformed to a format suitable for the new system, while preserving the information present in the old system.

As warranties expire on storage arrays or static data starts to monopolize expensive storage, many companies will have the urgent need to move data from one storage location to another.  This process can pose multiple challenges:

  • If data is live, data must be readily available during the migration.
  • Data may reside off site and may need to be moved onsite in order to perform migration.
  • Some require the migration of data from one server or application to a new server or application.

These challenges can often time hamper a data migration project or even cause the data migration project to be scrapped altogether. Valence5 understands data migration challenges and has the tools, industry know-how and experience to safely and efficiently migrate data to meet virtually any business situation or requirement. Our vast array of tools includes storage, host, and application based data migration tools that will ensure there is a minimal impact to the end users.

Valence5’s solutions are optimized for enterprise-grade data migrations. Contact us today for a free consultation.

As storage ages and warranties expire, most companies will have the need to move data from one storage location to another.